Introducing Roomboard Live Streams

One of the most requested features when setting up a new VR experience with our customers are roomboards. Out of the box, Mozilla Hubs doesn't offer an easy-to-use UI to allow you to see who's online in what room. Since most VR experiences are set up to offer multiple…

Release · 3 months ago

How to add more than 25 users

Every room on Mozilla Hubs has a max. capacity of 25 users. Adding more users leads to performance problems and other issues. We have developed two easy-to-use features, that help you set up scenes with hundreds of users and workaround these limitations.

This document …

Announcement · 3 months ago

Compatibility Test, additional customization, and more

I want to highlight two new features included in the latest Mohuni Update.

Compatibility Test

Some of the most common comments we get when asking our users for feedback is that they sometimes have trouble connecting to hubs on their dev…

Release · 4 months ago

Customise the look & feel of your dashboards

I'm still getting into writing these blog posts about feature updates, and will take some time soon to introduce you to Mohuni's features in more detail but for now this will be a short one.

With this latest release you have the opportunity to customize the loo…

Release · 4 months ago

Hello World

Introducing Mohuni. We've started building the first version of this toool almost one year ago and refined it throughout our collaborations with our partners. And we're getting to a place where we feel a little more confident to make it a little more public. So while …

Announcement · 5 months ago