How to add more than 25 users

Announcement ยท 3 months ago

Every room on Mozilla Hubs has a max. capacity of 25 users. Adding more users leads to performance problems and other issues. We have developed two easy-to-use features, that help you set up scenes with hundreds of users and workaround these limitations.

This document helps you understand the following concepts:

  • Scenes and Rooms, and their differences
  • How users are able to access your VR experiences and user limits
  • How to extend these limits and create bigger experiences with hundreds of users and more by using Room Boards and Auto-Join

Understanding Scenes, Rooms, and User Limitations

The starting point for creating custom rooms in Mozilla Hubs is a Spoke Scene. It is not possible to invite users directly into a Spoke scene, instead think of it as a template to create Rooms from. You can create many rooms from a scene, and each room has a max. capacity of 25 users.

Rooms are accessible via a unique link that is automatically generated for you. This concept works great for small social gatherings up to 25 users.

You can find more information on Spoke, Mozilla Hubs Rooms and their limits in the Documentation.


Room Boards and Auto-Join

Room Boards allow you to increase the user limit by creating copies of rooms. They also allow you to create more intimate experiences with fewer than 25 users. Each Room Board manages rooms created from a single spoke file. All of these rooms are identical. Room Boards are accessible via links and typically replace direct links to rooms as the entry point for your users.

Room Boards displays the following information in real-time to all users:

  • All available rooms.
  • A list of users for each room.
  • The total number of users for each room.
  • An Auto-Join button.

Extending user limits with roomboards

Auto-Join is a feature for users who prefer to quickly and conveniently join the best available room without having to manually select which room to join. To give users the best experience, auto-join will automatically forward users to the room with the most people until that room has reached its max. capacity of 25 users. It will then forward new users into a new room, until it is filled to max. capacity, and so on. You can set the max. capacity per room to any value up to 25.


How many users can join an experience with Room Boards?

Thousands of users and more.

Can I customise the look & feel of the Room Board?

Room Boards are highly customisable with your logo, corporate design, and your custom domain.

Can users in different rooms interact with each other?

No. User interactions are still limited to users in the same room. If users want to have a shared experience with their friends, they can find them via the Room Board and join the same room.

I want to join a specific room, but it is full โ€” now what?

Please be patient and wait a few moments. You can join the room whenever a user leaves and a spot becomes available.

I want to have the experiences with a group of friends.

Use the Room Board to find a room with enough capacity for the group.