Compatibility Test, additional customization, and more

Release · 4 months ago

I want to highlight two new features included in the latest Mohuni Update.

Compatibility Test

Some of the most common comments we get when asking our users for feedback is that they sometimes have trouble connecting to hubs on their devices. While Mozilla Hubs officially supports all modern browser on any device, we found that in the real world that some devices are better suited for this experience, while some other devices, especially mobile phones often have limitations that prohibit users from using elaborate scenes with large triangle counts. To offer a better experience, all roomboards by default offer an optional compatibility test that gives users insights into how their device might meet recommended system requirements, as well as approximate info about the strength of their internet connection. We hope to give guidance to users and let them know that might have a better experience on desktop, if available.

Additional Customization Options

In addition to the most recent introduction of customization options we now offer the option to add Terms of Service and a Privacy Policy to each individual Roomboard. This has been a feature that has been requested by users, and we'll add multi-language support if there is demand for that.

Additionally, custom theme color support has been upgraded to support dynamically create hover colors. This feature is in beta, as it is possible to create low-contrast themes this way. We're working on improving this experience and appreciate your feedback.

Cleanup and Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a bug, where going to the Dashboard from the Landing Page showed an empty Dashboard page
  • Cleaned up code for legacy roomboards