Customise the look & feel of your dashboards

Release · 4 months ago

I'm still getting into writing these blog posts about feature updates, and will take some time soon to introduce you to Mohuni's features in more detail but for now this will be a short one.

With this latest release you have the opportunity to customize the look & feel of your dashboards. For now we've enbaled customising the primary color of that big, beatiful Auto-Join button, and most importantly the ability to upload your custom Logo, which will be displayed in the upper left corner. To enable this we've had to make some breaking changes in our Auth and Storage backend, so this new generation of roomboards is incompatible with what we're now calling legacy roomboards.

What does this mean for you? Legacy roomboards will still continue working as expected, however you won't be able to edit them from now on. If this is somehow problematic for you -- let us know through our contact form and our support will help you make the changes necessary. We're here for you.

Any new roomboards created from now on will automatically be next-generation roomboards with customization enabled.

We're just getting started. Now, that we have made the necessary changes in our backend architecture, we're able to add more customisation quickly. We're already looking into providing a couple of additional, beautiful templates with different styles, fonts, and layouts. We might also introduce the option to further customize your roomboards with additional colors, like accent colors, and more.

Let us know what you think via the Feedback in your dashboard in the upper right.

Cheers, Armin