Easy to use

Create and manage beatiful Social VR Experiences with ease.

From small team meetings up to hundreds of custom, interactive worlds hosting thousands of users, Mohuni helps you organize any online gathering.

Set up a social VR experience within minutes.
No coding required.


Built with privacy in mind

Hosted on servers in the EU


We don't collect any personal data and you have full control over your and your user's data.



Coming soon

Choose from beautiful templates and customise the look & feel of your roomboards.


Powered by Mozilla Hubs

Built on a strong foundation of open web standards

Backed by Mozilla and the most wonderful and helpful community of open-source developers and VR enthusiasts.


Runs almost everywhere

Compatible with any device with a modern web browser, including smartphones, VR devices, and more.

Open Source

Open Source

Coming Soon

Mohuni source code will be available on GitHub soon.


Private & Secure

Dedicated support from our team.

Nightly backups for your data.

Capacity for up to thousands of concurrent users.


We're here to help

3D designs for rooms and objects

Fully-interactive, story-driven VR experiences

Real-life object and scene capturing

We found that the know-how and needs of our customers vary. Some customers simply need a convenient way to organize their roomboards, others ask us to help out a bit more.

We'd love to help you. Get in touch with us to find out how we can support you with your specific needs.